At Shark Trap we take the security of your table games very seriously and we know how difficult it can be at times because your security team cannot always be in all places. This shuffler helps your security team keep your games as safe as they can be.

The Shark trap Shuffler will let the dealer know when there is an issue with the deck. The shuffler will automatically be able to detect these issues in a single deck or a double-deck shuffle. When there is an issue the machine button will flash orange alerting the staff that there is an issue with the deck. Shark Trap will detect issues when there is a card shortage, an extra card, and when there is a duplicate card.  An example of this would be 2 Ace of Spades in single deck or 3 Aces of Spades in a double deck.

Another important security feature is how the shuffler works.  The way the machine works allows your security team to keep an eye on your games.  Since the deck must be inserted at the top and the cards are delivered to the output bin in front of the machine, there are no concern of a false shuffles.  There is also no opportunity for cards to be left in the machine, so you can rest assured that your shuffle is complete each time. The shuffler also has visual signals for the dealer and floor management.  If the top door is open the machine is in good working order and ready to accept cards. When the door is closed the machine is shuffling cards. A floor operator can make a cursory glance across the entire pit and get a feel for what is happening with the shuffler at any given moment without having to go directly to each individual shuffler

Shark Trap™ is the smallest shuffler ever developed. Shark Trap™ features  unparalleled protection that eliminates all slugs, peeks, coolers, camera-based, paper, machine manipulation, and other scams while making it impossible to have “missing cards” remain in their machines at the conclusion of a shuffle.

In addition, the Company’s Patented “No Flash” delivery method on Novelty games completely eliminates all Hole Card plays and once again will allow Operators to safely offer certain Novelty games that have been all but eradicated by Advantage Players in several jurisdictions.