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At Shark Trap, we prioritize your table games’ security, knowing your team can’t be everywhere at once. Our shuffler supports your team, ensuring top-tier game safety.

Advanced Deck Monitoring

The Shark Trap Shuffler alerts dealers to any deck issues in single or double-deck shuffles. Each shuffler comes with deck recognition as a standard feature, ensuring consistent and reliable game security.

Robust Security Features

Our shuffler enhances oversight with an innovative design. Decks are inserted at the top to minimize tampering risks, and cards are delivered to the front output bin for easy monitoring. This design prevents false shuffles and ensures no cards are left behind, maintaining game integrity. The clear visibility of card movement allows your team to verify each shuffle’s accuracy, reducing manipulation and cheating.

Compact and Secure Design

Shark Trap™ boasts the smallest shuffler ever developed, offering unparalleled protection. It eliminates slugs, peeks, coolers, and machine manipulation scams, ensuring no “missing cards” remain in the machine after a shuffle.

Patented “No Flash” Delivery for Novelty Games

Our patented “No Flash” delivery method for novelty games eradicates all Hole Card plays, allowing operators to safely offer games previously compromised by Advantage Players.

Experience unparalleled security and efficiency with the Shark Trap Shuffler, the ultimate solution for safeguarding your table games.