Shark Trap Super Shuffler

3 Shufflers in The Same Unit

Deals All Popular Novelty Games

Pai Gow Poker

Including Double Deck & Single Deck Blackjack

Shark Trap is a GLI-approved, revolutionary, high-tech shuffling machine, offering a table-game platform that will increase productivity, reduce card costs, and attain never-before-realized levels of game protection.

No Table Modifications are Required to Start Using Shark Trap

The Shark Trap Super Shuffle comes ready to work right out of the box.  With our technology, all that is needed to start a game is to remove the machine from its box and plug-in power.

Once the machine is on, just install the weight when the top door is open and ensure the weight flag is in the top-right position when looking at the machine. If the weight is installed incorrectly, the machine will simply open the door back up and will not initiate until the weight is placed correctly.  Next, press the button to close the door and engage the weight.  When the door reopens and the button is green, the machine is ready to shuffle.

Smallest Shuffler on The Market

Super Shufflers™ are simple, sleek, low profile, versatile, easy to operate, ergonomically advanced, competitively priced, and feature fewer than half of the moving parts found in other commercial shufflers.

Ready to Shuffle

Automatic Card Detection

The Shark Trap shuffler can automatically detect if you are using a single deck or a double deck.  The Shark Trap shuffler knows automatically how many decks are being used. There is no need to tell it ahead of time how many decks you will be using. Put the decks in the machine and begin dealing your game. There is also no need to notify Shark Trap that you are changing card manufacturers as you may have to do in some of the current product in the market.

Switching decks from one manufacturer to a different manufacturer can be easier than ever with the Shark Trap shuffler.  You do not need to program the machine ahead of time to introduce a different card manufacturer’s deck. Simply take the new cards out of the box and insert them into the shuffler.  This makes it the most efficient shuffler on the market letting you start the game faster after the change.