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In our continued commitment to ensure the utmost security and trustworthiness of our machines, we would like to inform the public and our stakeholders about the stringent security measures we have put in place. These measures have been designed to protect our systems from tampering and other unauthorized activities by external parties.

Physical Security:

Our machines are not equipped with wireless connectivity options, except for the GPS unit. This means that in order to interact with the machine or execute any command, one must physically access the device. Such an access requires the removal of multiple physical layers on the machine and the installation of a specific cable. This design greatly limits the points of entry for any would-be tamperers.

Software Security:

We make certain that sensitive commands related to the machine’s functionality, which have potential for misuse, are completely removed from release builds. This step minimizes the chance of software exploitation.

Firmware Protection:

Any attempt to modify or replace the firmware is rendered extremely challenging. Changes can only be executed if the party has a specific 128-bit key, which is closely guarded and is protected in our vault which requires 2FA verification to obtain.

Code Integrity Verification:

Every time the machine powers up and for each deck, a thorough check is done to verify the integrity of the code. This is achieved by comparing the current code with a hash of the original code. Any discrepancies trigger security protocols, ensuring our machines operate as intended without any external interference.

Card Order Security:

With our patented True Random Number Generator (TRNG) order remains unpredictable until they are picked. This provides an additional layer of randomness, ensuring that predicting or manipulating card order becomes a nearly impossible task.

Finally, while we are confident in the robustness of these security protocols, we recognize the dynamic nature of technology and the innovative capabilities of determined individuals. As such, we will never claim that our machines are “unhackable. ” Instead, we remain vigilant and proactive, constantly assessing and updating our security measures in response to emerging threats.

We are deeply grateful for the trust our users place in our technology, and we remain committed to ensuring the safety, reliability, and integrity of our machines.