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Functional, Revolutionary, Elegant and Dependable

Shark Trap is a GLI approved, revolutionary, high-tech shuffling machine, offering a table-game platform that will increase productivity, reduce card costs and attain never-before-realized levels of game protection.

Shark Trap™ is the smallest shuffler ever developed. Shark Trap™  offers unparalleled protection that eliminates all slugs, peeks, coolers, camera-based, paper, machine manipulation, and other scams while making it impossible to have “missing cards” remain in their machines at the conclusion of a shuffle.

Super Shufflers™ are simple, sleek, low profile, versatile, easy to operate, ergonomically advanced, competitively priced, and feature fewer than half of the moving parts found in other commercial shufflers.

In addition, the Company’s Patented “No Flash” delivery method on Novelty games completely eliminates all Hole Card plays and once again will allow Operators to safely offer certain Novelty games that have been all but eradicated by Advantage Players in several jurisdictions.