Shark Trap™ System

          An extraordinary new line of Functional, Revolutionary, Elegant and Dependable Table-Top "Super Shuffler™" machines invented and produced by Shark Trap™ LLC, was recently certified by GLI.


          Shark Trap™ will showcase their Patented state-of-the-art single-unit “Super Shuffler™” machines that deal Single Deck, Double Deck, Poker and virtually every Novelty game on the market in their Distributor “Aces Up Gaming’s” booth (#5243) on six live games throughout October’s G2E.   


          Following years of extensive development, which initially included Shark Trap™ teaming up with UNLV’s highly-regarded School of Engineering to develop the Company’s first Pre-Prototype shuffling apparatus, the Shark Trap™ array of unique features will fundamentally and forever change the methods by which Table Game Operators mix, distribute and safely utilize cards on their games. 


          Featuring the World's first and only ‘True Random Number Generators’ (TRNG)—rather than traditional ‘Pseudo-Random Number Generators’ (PRNG) card-selection mechanisms—the Super Shufflers™ feature unparalleled card protection that completely eliminates all slugs, peeks, coolers, camera-based, paper, machine manipulation and other scams while making it impossible to have ‘missing cards’ remain in the Super Shuffler™ machines at the conclusion of a shuffle.


          Shark Trap™ shufflers are simple, sleek, low profile, small (at only 550 cubic inches, they’re the smallest commercial casino shufflers ever developed), easy to manipulate, ergonomically advanced, competitively priced and have fewer than half of the moving parts found in any other commercial shufflers introduced after the first shuffling machines hit the market in 1992.      


          In addition, the Company’s proprietary methods of instantaneously and safely distributing cards on their Novelty Games effectively insures that Hole Cards will no longer be exposed. Their dealer-friendly card handling system effectively and seamlessly eliminates all bottom card “Dealer Flashing” and the ability of Professional Advantage Gamblers to exploit Hole Card knowledge—thus providing game protection at its best while allowing operators to once again offer a variety of Novelty games that have all but disappeared in many jurisdictions. 

          A sampling of the “Shark Trap’s™” array of advantages includes:

  • The “Super Shuffler’s™” small size, weight and mobility accommodates dealer-efficient machine placement on the games and maximum productivity—by giving All dealers—large and small—the unique ability to easily adjust both the shuffler’s angle and depth on the table, consequently creating the most comfortable, ergonomically efficient and optimally positioned shuffle machines ever known.   
  • Patented card selection and delivery mechanisms that allow Novelty Games to be rapidly dealt with only single-colored cards (no two-card, double-color “card batches” necessary), within seconds after a deck is placed into the machines—while reducing unnecessary card costs, as well.
  • Featuring less than half of the moving parts found in today’s “traditional” shufflers, Super Shufflers™ are comprised of state-of-the-art materials and mechanisms—all created to insure much less day-to-day maintenance and considerably fewer “inoperable” or “out of service” machines.” In short, significantly fewer parts equals less maintenance with fewer of the problems that currently burden both operators and competitive shuffle machine distributors, alike. 
  • In addition, the Company’s patented technology renders it impossible to “drop” or “lose” a card while utilizing a Super Shuffler’s™ proprietary card mixing and distribution system.    
  • Any casino Table Game that requires one or two decks may be seamlessly dealt by the Super Shuffler™ machines with a few simple pushes on a readily accessible lighted button affixed to each machine.
  • Opening one-deck games with Shark Trap’s™ no-batch shufflers is faster than with traditional two-batch shufflers for three distinct reasons: (1) there is never a need to “pre-shuffle” or wash cards before placement into the machines, (2) only one new deck requires inspection prior to being loaded into the shufflers, and (3) a complete shuffle is not required before the first hand can delivered and dealt. With Shark Trap’s™  no-batch shufflers, once the sole deck is inspected, picked up, and loaded, shuffling and dealing is almost immediate, allowing the deal to begin within seconds.


          Prior to the introduction of Super Shufflers™ there were three kinds of casino shuffling machines. The most common were ‘pseudo rifflers, followed by continuous shufflers and finally, random-position shufflers. Shark Trap™ now offers the rarest of the casino shufflers, however, with the world’s only ‘random-selection’ shuffler, which utilizes a methodology that shuffles/moves each card from randomly selected positions in the unshuffled deck to the shuffled deck, first selecting and shuffling any card from 1-52, 1-51, 1-50, and so on, until the shuffle is complete.


          This is the most efficient method of shuffling in an annals of gaming, as no final step is required to dispense the cards from positions, shelves, slots, or compartments into individual hands (or complete decks). Shark Trap’s™ shufflers can safely move cards from unshuffled decks directly onto the layout where complete hands in novelty games can be immediately dealt, effectively shuffling and dealing simultaneously!

In Summary


          This condensed overview makes no attempt to completely address Shark Trap’s™ many other advantages over the Competitor’s shuffling machines. It simply showcases examples of productivity and comparisons of how Shark Trap’s™ “Novelty & “Combination” Shufflers compare to all other shufflers available today. To recap some of the proprietary advantages of Shark Trap’s™ “Super Shufflers™”:

  • Opens new games faster.
  • Re-starts dead games faster.
  • All Manufacturer’s cards—paper or plastic— are immediately recognized and dealt accordingly.
  • Machines are optimally positioned by Dealers to maximize productivity.
  • Revolutionary Dealer-friendly ergonomic designs & efficiencies.
  • Eliminates Unnecessary and Costly Procedures.
  • Abolishes washing or scrambling decks.
  • Simplicity of design results in fewer malfunctions and component failures.
  • Hole Card plays are a thing of the past.
  • Card Costs significantly reduced.
  • The smallest professional shuffle machines in over 25 years.
  • The first casino shufflers to incorporate ‘True Random Number Generators’ (TRNG), instead of industry standard “Pseudo-Random Number Generator’ (PRNG) technology.
  • Shark Trap™ shufflers are purposely designed to include effective and efficient dealing procedures, thereby eliminating costly, ineffective practices and countermeasures.
  • Shark Trap’s™ Multi-game “Super Shufflers™” supersede all other shufflers and will finally empower operators with the unique opportunity to deal the safest and most productive Table Games ever.