Shark Trap™ System

The ST System is a table-game security platform that utilizes ‘super shufflers,’ a term that will soon become part of the industry’s lexicon in the same way that terms like ‘advantage players,’ ‘shuffler tracking,’ and ‘edge sorting’ became well known. What’s a super shuffler? It’s an automatic casino shuffling machine with extraordinary capabilities (and we’re not just talking about detecting marked cards). Some of those capabilities include the following:

  • no-flash dealing modules (stops unintentional flashing of dealers’ holecards), automatic rake-slides (poker), and no-batch shuffling formats (two decks or two sets of decks are no longer required to be used in rotation)

  • allows operators to safely deal the most efficient games; no more preshuffling, washing/scrambling, turning half the decks (known as the ‘kill’), and other time-consuming, costly procedures.

  • smallest and fastest shufflers ever developed

  • detects and quantify all forms of asymmetries, a widespread problem throughout the world (experts estimate that 50%-70% of all casino cards exhibit some discernable asymmetry)

  • detects all forms of marked cards

  • It’s difficult to fully grasp the magnitude of such technical capabilities, so as an example, consider the classic dauber. ST’s shufflers will detect daubers before they even have time to act on the information; assess whether the dauber is a pro or amateur; determine if more than one cheater is on the game; determine if the same daub had been played previously, or is being played on another table, or even in another casino!

  • monitors normal card wear, and informs personnel when it’s scientifically warranted to change deck(s), a nontraditional approach that will save casinos millions

  • Several sophisticated tests can track the accumulation of dust, dirt, and other contaminants; degradation of the varnish/surface; accumulation of departures from new-card flatness; and normal, expanding card thicknesses.

  • deterrent factor

  • When the word gets out about this platform’s technical sophistication, scientific capability, and amazing analytical prowess—and it will, purposely, via websites, lectures, consultants, and conferences—the mere presence of the platform’s logo on shufflers will stop any cheater or advantage player dead in his or her tracks if the intention is to exploit the playing card. Simply stated, ST’s deterrent factor is invaluable! ST’s super shufflers are unquestionably game changers that will transcend table-game productivity and game protection to heights never even considered.