There are four kinds of shuffling machines in the casino industry today. The most common are the pseudo rifflers, random-position shufflers, and continuous shufflers. The rarest of the casino shufflers, however, is Shark Trap’s™ ‘random-selection shuffler.’ This methodology enables each card to be moved from any randomly selected position in the unshuffled deck to the shuffled deck, first selecting and shuffling any card from 1-52, 1-51, 1-50, and so on, until the shuffle is complete. This is the most efficient method of shuffling as no final step is required to dispense the cards from positions, shelves, slots, or compartments into individual hands or complete decks, as is the case with today’s random-position shufflers.

ST’s position is that the random-selection platform offers many advantages, which is why all ST shufflers are random-selection shufflers!

The “Super Shuffler™” is a combination table-top one- and two-deck blackjack, novelty-game and poker shuffler all in one. The Company’s multi-deck shufflers, both traditional and continuous and now being developed, as well. 

All shufflers will offer the same streamlined electromechanical design with few moving parts, which leads to fewer machine malfunctions.